Friday, May 31, 2013

What's in my Bag? Part 2

So here it is! Part 2 of the What's in my bag post.

1. My phone. I currently have the iPhone 4 and I really like it. The battery lasts me at least a full day but I do tend to charge it every night. I haven't yet dropped it but it seems durable enough (I've had it for nearly a year and a half and have never dropped it! Seriously skilled). As long as it keeps working I don't think I'll be upgrading anytime soon.

2. My keys. I'm one of those people who have a million things on their keys! I've got my house key, car key, another key that I'm not entirely sure what it's for, and then just a bunch of random key rings I've picked up on my travels. And yes, that is the deathly hallows symbol from Harry Potter, well spotted.

3. Sunglasses. I've never owned an expensive pair of sunglasses because I get bored of them so quickly. I tend to just buy $20 or $30 pairs from shops such as Forever New, Sportsgirl, Dotti etc.. This pair I currently have is super scratched so I definitely need to pick up a new pair. Not entirely sure, but I think this pair is from Sportsgirl.

4. Lip balm. This is a must for me. If I don't have my lip balm on me when I need it I get really stressed. 

5. Concealer. Just in case any touch ups are needed throughout the day. I use Maybelline Fit Me Concealer at the moment. I've written a blog review on it if you want to go check it out. 

6. Eyeliner. Again, just incase I need to touchup the eyeliner on my waterline.

7. My purse. I have a Jimmy Choo purse that my Dad bought for me when he went on holiday somewhere (It slips my mind). It's starting to get a bit ratty though, I think I've probably had it for nearly three years so it might be time for an upgrade! 

8. Pencil Case. This is only in my bag when I'm going to uni for the day. Can't write notes without pens and highlighters!

9. A small packet of tissues. In Australia, we are heading in to the colder months of the year where I always tend to have a sniffly nose....Winter is coming (anyone get this reference?). 

10. Headphones. These are kind of just shoved in a side pocket for when I'm catching public transport or if I'm at uni studying and there is lots of noise around me - music helps me zone out and focus on what I'm studying.

11. Bottle of water. This is an absolute must. Seriously, you don't want to be around me if I'm thirsty and I don't have water! Therefore, I carry a bottle around everywhere! 

12. Gum/Mentos. Something to chew on when I get bored or hungry :P

13. Hair ties and bobby pins. Just for those situations when you need to tie up your hair. 

14. Camera: Sony FX-100. I always carry my camera around with me just incase inspiration strikes and I need to photograph something. It comes in handy a lot of the time! It's quite a small light camera which makes it easy to fit in my bag. 

15. Laptop (only if needed): MacBook Air 13". I only take this if I'm going in to uni for a couple of hours and I need it to take notes on. Otherwise I leave it out because it just makes my bag way to heavy. I'm thinking about investing in an iPad mini so I can carry that around instead. 

So that's it. It seems like a lot when I write it all out but they're all small things that don't weigh much or take up much room. Let me know if you liked this type of post! If you have made your own 'What's in my Bag' blog post then let me know in the comment section below and I will come and check it out :) Have a great day. 


Cleo getting in the way!

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