About me

My name is Emily, I'm a 23 year young uni student who loves anything and everything to do with fashion and beauty. I live in Australia & have all my life, but I have also been fortunate enough to travel to many beautiful countries and experience the different cultures and worlds we all live in. Apart from travel, my main passion is beauty.

In the past couple of months I have seen so many amazing blogs that I finally decided to create my own. I love being creative so my blog layouts and designs change around a lot! I tend to write reviews on recent make up purchases I have made, particularly nail polishes (what can i say....I have an unhealthy obsession). I will sometimes post articles on recent fashion trends I am loving & small snapshots of my life.

You might see a few pictures of a certain Jack Russell Terrier - Her name is Cleo and she is currently 5 years old. The best way to describe her is by saying she's 'a little ball of energy'. She's my best friend and always eager for a cuddle.

I absolutely love reading comments that people write on my posts so keep them coming!

Love always,

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