Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sportsgirl Eye Palette

Hey Beauties,

Before I start this post I just want to mention bloglovin. Most of you know by now that GFC will be disappearing very soon! The best way to keep up to date with all the blogs you love is to transfer everything over to bloglovin. It's really easy and there's a step by step process on their website to show you exactly what to do. If you want to keep up to date with this blog then feel free to follow me via bloglovin by clicking here or on the follow button to the right. Anyway, onto the actual blog post.

I recently purchased a Sportsgirl Eye Palette which I am really impressed with,  so I thought I would share it with you beauties! I was actually surprised at how good these eye shadows are, especially considering the palette was only $9.95. I bought the Desert Haze palette which comes with 6 colours, ranging from a light cream colour to a dark shimmery grey. They are very pigmented and are very easy to work with. Sportsgirl also have a blue palette so I'll definitely go and get that one! I know the packaging isn't amazing but this really doesn't bother me. Love it!

 xoxoxo Em

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beauty Haul

Hey Beauties!

So I've got another haul for you all today :) YAY more stuff :P A place called Chemist Warehouse has a huge sale on at the moment - basically everything is 50% off. I know right, amazing. Admittedly, they don't have a huge range of products but they do sell Revlon, Rimmel, Maybelline and Sally Hansen which is good enough for me!

As I said, all cosmetics were 50% off, so I went a little bit insane at first, but calmed down and only picked things that I have been looking at and wanting for a while. So the first thing I picked up was a Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. I've wanted one of these for a really long time! Basically since they first came out. The only problem I've encountered is the price of them (at least in Australia). The usually sell for $21.95 which I refuse to pay for this product. Sure it might be great but I know you can pick them up for like $10 in the US so I'm holding a grudge :P With the added discount, I was able to pick one up for $10.95 which I thought was much more acceptable and jumped at the chance of getting one. After much deliberation I chose the colour Cupcake. If you've read my past blogs you probably know that I tend to wear pink lip sticks the majority of the time. So this is the perfect colour. It's a baby pink with a slight shimmer to it. Love it! I should have picked up a couple more (I was looking at strawberry shortcake) at that price so I might be going back - I think the sale is on for another week or so.

The second item I picked up is quite similar to the first. It's a Revlon Kissable Lip Stain in the colour Cherish which is, again, a gorgeous light pink colour. I like that its a twisty end (you don't have to sharpen it) so it's easy to use when you run low! I've tested this out once (last night) and really liked the colour - but it did make my lips really dry! This doesn't worry me too much but next time I use it I will have to put some lip balm on first. Also, this is a stain, which means the colour stays on a really long time. About half way through the dinner I felt like there was nothing on my lips so I went to the bathroom to reapply. To my surprise the colour was still completely there!!

Next I bought a Rimmel eyeshadow. I think this is going to make the perfect smokey eye look. It has 5 colours in it and they are quite pigmented which is great. I haven't has a chance to try this out yet, but from the swatches I think its going to be really good.

I also picked up a Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer. I've heard some really great reviews about this product and I have been needing a new concealer for a while now. I'm not to sure about the brush on the end - I've never used any applicators like this before but i'm more than willing to give it a try :) Does anyone know if you are supposed to wash the brush on the end after each use? Or just put the lid on it for the next use. Let me know in the comment section below! I've used this once and it covered up the dark circles under my eyes really well (It's exam time so I haven't been getting as much sleep as I need).

Lastly I picked up some Sally Hansen nail polishes. I have yet to try any of the Gem Crush collection, so I was really excited when I saw these were 50% off. I decided to get Be-Jeweled (05) which is a purple and pink glitter polish. I haven't tried it out yet, but I've seen other people wearing it and loved it - so i'm sure I will as well. I also picked up two more of the Xtreme Wear nail colour range. Sun Kissed (150) which is a vibrant orange and Pacific Blue (420) which is a beautiful periwinkle blue colour. I think pacific blue might be my new favourite (if it applies the same colour) because it looks like such a wearable colour. We'll have to wait and see :P

So that's what I got. I feel like my makeup collection is rapidly increasing so maybe it's time to slow down a bit .... nah! :P

Hope you enjoyed this haul, if you have any of these products let me know what you think of them in the comment section below!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Models Prefer at Priceline: Haul

Hey Beauties! 

That's right, another haul within 3 weeks. Ahhh, my bank account hates me haha. Priceline released their winter catalogue a couple of weeks ago and I, of course, went to check out all the goodies on offer. There were a lot of great things on sale, but most were like 3 for 2 promotions - when really I didn't want 2 products! The only one that looked interesting was a promotion for the Models Prefer range at Priceline.

For those of you who don't know, Models Prefer is Priceline's own brand of beauty products (which is why they are always at the front of the cosmetics aisle!). I usually walk straight past this stand and onto Maybelline and Rimmel, but this time something caught my eye. They had an offer where if you spend over $20.00 you receive a free Models Prefer gift pack worth over $40.00. Now, being someone who has never used these products before, I thought this promotion was a great way to sample some of their products without having to pay for them all!

Models Prefer cosmetic products are all under $20.00 and all of their brushes and applicators are under $25.00 - so they are very reasonably priced. To spend over $20.00 I ended up buying a lipstick and a mineral eyeshadow duo.

The Moisture Lust Lipstick I bought is in the shade cupcake (035) which is a gorgeous pink. The swatch hasn't come up very well in the photo above (sorry!!) but you can check out all the colours on the Priceline website by clicking here. The formula of this lipstick is quite buttery and feels nice on the lips - more like a tinted balm perhaps. The colour comes out sheer but is definitely buildable without it settling into cracks on the lip which is always a plus. I've had this lipstick for about a week now and keep finding myself reaching for it because it's such an easy to use lipstick for everyday wear - in terms or colour and ease of application.

The eyeshadow duo was a last second addition. Like I said before, I had to spend over $20.00 to receive the gift pack so I was tossing up over a few different products. However, these eye shadow duo's caught my eye at the last second. The packaging is cute, the pigmentation is amazing and the colour range is great - so overall it's an amazing product for $9.95. Enough said!

In the free gift pack, there was another lipstick (different range), a bronzer, a nail polish and a lip gloss! Whenever I get free gift packs, I'm always worried that they're going to put all of the bad colours in that aren't selling very well. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a nude shimmer lip gloss, a beautiful pink lipstick and a dark purple nail polish - all things that I will use!

Bronzer is one of those products I never really buy. I have one or two lying around and use them occasionally, but most of the time I don't feel a real need to use it. I gave this one a go and it's really good - it applies smoothly and gives me that sun-kissed look. I do like it but can't really tell you if it's worth buying or not because, like I said, I don't use them often enough. 

This is a picture of the dark purple nail polish I received (not the colour on my nails! Just in the bottle :P). I haven't has the chance to use it yet, but look out for a new 'nails of the day' soon. I don't tend to wear darker colour on my finger nails as I tend to like bright colours, but I will definitely use this on my toes. I think it will make for a cute pedicure colour :)

The lipstick I received in the pack is a different collection from the first. The colour I received is called Fresh Faced which is a strawberry red colour. I do like the colour but the scent really gets to me - it smells like watermelon. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not but I really don't like it for some reason. Other than that it is a great products but the smell turns me off it!

This is probably my favourite product in the pack. A nude shimmer lipgloss! The formula is a little bit sticky! But nothing to worrisome. It applies smoothly and leaves a gorgeous shimmery lip colour.

This pack was definitely worth spending the $20.00 and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to test out some Models Prefer products. I think this is also great for people like me, who never really noticed this brand before, because it has showed me that these products are of high quality whilst remaining on the cheaper side. If you've never tried these products before, give them a go. They're on the cheaper side and really great quality - especially the eye shadow duo!


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