Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation

In the past I've been one of those girls that tends to stick with higher end foundations. I'm not really sure why, I guess in my mind higher cost = better product. Recently I've found this statement to be completely untrue. I decided that these high end foundations were way too expensive and as a uni student, found that this money could be used elsewhere on more important things. So I decided to purchase a drugstore foundation and after a lot of research narrowed it down to two; Rimmel London Match Perfection and Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation. As far as I could tell the only major difference between these 2 is that Wake Me Up has a slight shimmer in it and when I saw it in the store, the shimmer was quite noticeable. So inevitably, I purchased the Match Perfection Foundation.

This is an amazing foundation - I would even go as far as to say it's the best i've ever used. I use the colour Light Porcelain and its matches my skin perfectly (as the name suggests). In Australia we get a variety of 12 different colours, so there is one to match the majority of skin tones. The formulation is great - it goes on dewy (so maybe not so great for people with oily skin) but with a pressed powder over the top it looks fantastic. I would say it gives a medium coverage which I love; it's enough to cover my freckles, but doesn't look like I've got a tonne of makeup on. It also contain SPF 18 which is something I always look for in foundations, especially because I have such fair skin - it means I don't have to sunscreen underneath. The product has a slightly fruity smell which didn't really matter to me (i thought it smelt quite nice) but I know other people like no scent at all so keep this in mind when purchasing.

It lasted about 6 hours on my skin, but this can be different for other skin types. The packaging is nice, not too over the top but still good looking. I love that it comes in a pump pack - other foundations I've used don't have a pump and it's a pain in the ..... you know what to get out. In terms of price, I bought it for about $14.00 AUD but that was on sale (it was 40% off all cosmetics so I went a little crazy :P). The high end foundation I was using before this cost me about $60.00 AUD so in comparison I am VERY happy. I would definitely recommend this product and will be buying the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in the future so look out for that review! 

Personal Review:
Colour Range: 9 / 10
Packaging: 7 / 10
Product: 8 / 10
Cost: $17.95 AUD

Have you tried either of these foundations? Let me know in the comments below on which one you've tried or which one you like better!



  1. Great review! I absolutely love drugstore foundations. High price really doesn't always mean better quality! I am now interested to try out this foundation. I too am really light skinned so I hear you about the SPF! Nice blog!! :o) ♥ xo

    1. Hi Crystal, thanks so much for your lovely comment - it made my day :) Definitely try it out, its one of the better drugstore foundations out there in my opinion. Thanks again! xoxo ♥